Thursday, April 23, 2009


Just recently, we had Jonah baptized. It was a wonderful day, and though it was crazy, it is one I will remember for life. After working so hard for days to prepare for it, not just spiritually, but physically it came and went in a whirlwind. We spent days preparing our home for company, our living room is usually baby friendly - a swing, bouncy chair and floor matts, things for Jonah, but no room for more than two or three guests, so rearranging (and a whole lot of spring cleaning) ensued. Anything breakable was tucked away, table was set for coffee, tea, juice, cake and other snacks, chairs arranged to accomodate a large amount of guests, and baby toys tucked away into Jonah's room. Daddy cleaned while I organized, arranged, and dusted.

The baptism was extra special in so many ways. My in-laws speak little or no english and our desire was to have a bilingual wedding, unfortunately the priest that was to officiate was relocated 2 weeks b4 and we were left with an all anglo wedding. To make up for this, we opted for a french baptism.

What is even more awesome, little Jonah wore a family heirloom. The gown he wore, was worn my me, my mother, and my grandmother. He was baptized in the same church that I was, as well as his great grandmother! He was the sole child baptized (even more special these days where multiple children are done together) and placed on the alter afterwards, something that I had not seen anywhere else, but was done to me. He lay on the same alter that I lay on, in the very same was surreal!

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