Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Beginnings

Where has the time gone? I find that a whole year has already passed and I find myself back where I was this time last year. Preparing for another move and hopeful for new and positive beginnings. Reminiscing back on our last move I realize that we chose this apartment far to hastily and have paid dearly for our rush choices. This apartment was vacant when we walked through it and appeared to be far larger than it was. I had thought the lack of storage space would be ok and we would make it work. The neighborhood is a rougher end but I had heard they were trying to clean it up. We had little choice as this was also one of the more affordable places and seemed to be the nicest.
Since we moved in, we have learned our lesson in spades. A month after we settled in, we discovered that the apartment was riddled with fleas. In all of my 34 years, 24 of them were as a pet owner and until we moved in here, I had never, yes NEVER, had to deal with fleas. I was getting bit on my feet and legs from the knees down, but passed it off as a summer affliction of mosquitoes or something. But I began to notice that our dog, our first 'baby', Charlie was shedding far more than I had ever seen and he was scratching a lot. He was scratching to the point where he was crying and I began to wonder. I finally took a good look and found that he was covered in fleas. He was an older dog, a lab mix at the age of 14, going on 15, he had a few growths and I had noticed that his balance was going and we had talked that it was probably time...
We had thought that we may as well do it now, end his obvious suffering. But now I find myself with the loss of one of my dearest friends. He was my companion for almost 15 years and I miss him terribly and I feel horrible about how his last days were spent.
I did not have much time to deal with the loss as we were thrown into the monumental task of ridding our home of fleas. We tried many ways, sunlight, spray cans you buy at the vet, and non worked. We bombed our apartment 3 times and stayed with family for 3 months. The final bomb was a professional and it was the time that finally worked.
Once we were finally home, we tried to put our lives back together without my shadow. It was not long before we were faced with the fact that this apartment was just not large enough for us. Due to the lack of storage and space, we barely had enough room for us, let alone to consider having any more children.
Come 2011, we began our hunt for another home. I like having a new space but I HATE moving. I hate living out of boxes, the insanity of it all and the stress, but it was more than necessary.
We soon learned that to get a larger, 3 bedroom, either apartment or house, that was nice and I could see us living in, we had to pay more. The cost of our space would rise EASY another 200 a month. We were faced with a choice and we began searching in Quebec, another province but still close. There we found our new place. It is a much larger, 3 bedroom, brand new build and is actually slightly less per month than we are currently paying. I am beyond excited to get into our new space, to make it ours, to settle in and feel at home. I never really felt at home here. To top it off we have furry friends. I know that there is at least one and I cannot get out fast enough.
Jonah is doing well, he is happy, and learning new words each day. He is already 2 but still not walking. Through physio we have discovered that it is all in his head. He is using all the muscles needed to walk and has even bypassed walking, meaning he is doing some things that toddlers don't usually do until after they are walking. Now it is a waiting game, the ball is totally in his court and he is holding it. Just waiting on him.

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